Vegan Recipe: Spiralised Beetroot & Rice Salad With Tofurkey Sausage

Vegan Recipe: Spiralised Beetroot & Rice Salad With Tofurkey Sausage

A heavenly, colourful salad that your insides will thank you for and is more filling than it looks. Visually it’s at it’s best when freshly combined, rather than mixing it all up in a container and poking it in the fridge, because it’s just like when you put a brand new bright red bra in the wash, the colour will run and everything will go pink.

You need:

Cooked rice of your choice (I did Basmati)
Cooked, cooled and sliced Tofurkey Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Sausage
1 per person is plenty)

Mint dressing:
Plain yoghurt
Mint sauce

Spiralised peeled raw beetroot
Chopped tomato
Fresh spinach
Chopped pineapple
Black sesame seeds

Cook up your rice and leave to cool. Cook up the sausages and try not to nibble them while you’re getting the rest ready, although it is tempting.

If you have such a device, spiralise your beetroot, if not, just coarsely grate it, then pop it on a piece of kitchen roll to absorb some of the juice so it doesn’t bleed everywhere. NB: don’t slice through your thumb like I did cleaning the spiraliser blade – it is not stylish, clever, tasty nor a vital ingredient.

Lay out all the salady ingredients on a plate – the beetroot looks exceptionally funky when laid on the top but hey, it’s your salad dude! Sprinkle with the black sesame seeds – it looks really posh and expensive.

Mix a big spoonful of yoghurt with the same amount of mint sauce. Serve as an accompaniment in a nice little dish and I promise you, there won’t be any left at the end.




There are no hard and fast rules with my suggested ingredients. I’ve linked some of the more unusual ones to a random selection of websites just to help you find out more about them. If you don’t have something, substitute it and above all, have fun, keep it vegan and eat well.