Do You Want to Find a Simpler Way?

What a leading question.

By ‘simpler’, I’m referring to many things, but one where:

  • there’s a more sustainable use of planetary resources
  • it’s less cluttered with consumerist crud (physical and mental)
  • people are valued by their kindness, not their bank balance
  • positivity far outweighs negativity
  • communication is paramount
  • you actively move to share knowledge of your skills and learn from others
  • the common good and the bond of community, matter
  • food is embraced for being seasonal, organic and as local as can be achieved

If that all sounds a bit airy-fairy and unachievable, you may be right… for¬†the moment anyway.

Whilst we await the arrival of the first round of ‘social chaos’ (for which read, drastically reduced petrol/oil supplies with all of its devastating knock on effects: essential food supply, keeping warm, commuting to work/school etc) we can certainly¬†ponder how beneficial a quick shift to a simpler life would be.Continue Reading