Enter a Writing Contest With a Big Green Difference

A few years ago, my husband Simon and I founded a writing competition with a difference. We called it the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and it became fondly known as MOLP. It’s USP was our promise to plant a tree for every entry received and to fund the building of an urgently needed new classroom at Kundeni Primary School in Bore, Kenya.

A short while ago, the classroom was handed over to the Headmaster, James Kithi, and is giving 300 Kenyan children a safe and comfortable place to learn, click here for photos and an update. The Word Forest is situated next door to the school and is now eleven times the size of Wembley Stadium; that’s not bad for two short years of hard work on an almost zero PR budget.

To help money continue to flow into Bore to kit out the classroom with crucial resources and to expand the forest further, earlier this year we launched 5 Mini-MOLP writing contests, all of which had an environmental focus. We are currently in the throes of the last one before we open the doors for entries to its big sister, MOLP.

If you’ve taken part in the Mini-MOLPs this year, I hope you’ll agree the topics we challenged you to write about were deeply thought provoking. I believe the subject matter of this final competition sets the bar in the highest position of all.

We’re looking for a powerful piece of writing that reveals a truly heartfelt story in the Last Words Monologue.

The brief is simple and you have up to 400 words to play with: the film is about to end, the last of a species is about to die. Write the script of their parting words.

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